Work Hard. Be Kind. Play Fair.​

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Top-Rated Childcare In North Virginia

At Caritas Academy, our Preschool fosters intellectual and emotional development in a learning environment that’s both fun and secure.

We're Open : 7:00am - 6:30pm

Top-Rated Preschools In North Virginia

Caritas is here to give your child the best educational experience possible, and set them up for a lifetime of success!

We're Open : 7:00am - 6:30pm

Our Brand New Location In Chantilly Is Now Open!

We are excited to share that our third locaction is now open, complete with a Dance studio, Music Room and an onsite barbers!

Why Choose Caritas Academy for Early Education?

The name Caritas finds its origin in Latin, meaning “care for all” or “Charity” in English. At Our preschool, we wholeheartedly embrace this concept by incorporating it into our program designs, treatment of students and behavioral modeling.

We recognize and celebrate the value of everyone in the world. So, we have crafted an inclusive school environment that caters to the diverse needs of our students, their families' backgrounds, various faiths and tradition, spoken languages and represented countries. 

We have 3 Caritas Academy preschools that are for all, delivering high-quality education that sets children up for a lifetime of personal and academic success. 

What We Do At Caritas Academy

At Caritas, we prepare children for academic and personal success, giving them the best start to life and preparing them for a lifetime of success.

We want your child to be school-ready when they graduate, but we also want them to be kind, growing in their independence, and resilient.

We balance academic instruction with play to help develop a caring community of learners. 

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About our Chantilly Campus

Since our start in 2022, we have worked incredibly hard to curate the best possible preschool environment in Northern Virginia. We are dedicated to creating a schooling community that gives children the best possible start and sets them up for a lifetime of success. 

Our Unique Features

An Onsite Barber Shop Offering Children’s Haircuts.

Our onsite barber shop offers children’s haircuts to help busy parents. Our professional barbers are experienced in working with young children and ensure a comfortable and positive experience. *Please note that fees apply for this service.

A Dance Studio. Music Room, Maker Space and Art Lab.

We believe in providing a comprehensive learning experience that extends beyond traditional subjects. Our dance studio and music room foster creativity, new skills and physical development. Our Maker Space, complete with a 3D printer, encourages hands-on exploration of technology and design, and our Art Lab promotes artistic expression and nurtures imagination.

Our Very Own Library.

Our library contains books for children at every reading level! Whether your child is just starting to recognize words or is diving into advanced literature, our library provides a rich range of engaging and educational materials. Our library sessions foster a love for reading, expand vocabulary and enhance comprehension skills, setting the stage for lifelong learning.

A Gym and Splash Pad.

Our gym and splash pad are more than just play areas; they are dynamic spaces that foster physical activity, sensory experiences and motor skill development. These spaces support your child’s holistic development in a lively and interactive setting.

Some of the aspects that make our facilities unique include:

Dedicated, Age-Specific Outdoor Play Spaces!

Highly trained and qualified teachers to ensure your child receives high-quality education

We are a locally owned and operated preschool!  We are not a chain or franchise.

Dedicated, Age-Specific Outdoor Play Spaces!

Highly trained and qualified teachers to ensure your child receives high-quality education

We are a locally owned and operated preschool!  We are not a chain or franchise.

Here's what our happy parents have to say!

"Their patience, caring and understanding is what makes a difference.  The teachers truly prepared my son for kindergarten.  Dr. Lody is very knowledgeable and it truly reflects on all the teachers. Ms. Maya is one great addition to the Caritas family. Caritas Academy is my kids second home and I am so glad to feel my kids are safe at Caritas Academy.  Highly recommended. "

"Jason is very knowledgeable and answered all the questions a first time parent had on a daycare. Staff are great and very communicative on the app. I really appreciate the care, time and patience they provide to my children"

What We Believe

At Caritas, we believe in three principles:

Work Hard, Be Kind and Play Fair.

These principles shape our preschools and guide our interactions, programs and approach.

Our teachers continuously work to improve our facility and ensure that we are always following the latest and most up-to-date industry practices. We are here to help your child develop the necessary life skills and self-confidence that will help them enter further education with ease and confidence.

We value the collaboration between educators and parents to nurture enthusiastic, smart, and capable scholars. Through open communication and partnership, we create an environment where your little learner can flourish.

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Here’s What Our Happy Parents Have To Say

We LOVE our parents and carers and we're so proud to share some of their thoughts with you...

Our Commitment To Safety

Here at daycare we take the safety of everyone seriously. We have put protective measures in place throughout our daycare

Now, more than ever, maintaining a safe, clean, secure facility is vital. We have been committed to this cause from day one, and we are fully transparent so that parents can check in at any time.

Cleanliness Protocols

We use [describe cleaner and method] to maintain an environment that stops the spread of germs. We also teach good hygiene, including diligent handwashing.


We strictly limit access to our facility to authorized personnel and parents and family members who have express permission to be here. Your child’s safety is our top priority.


We understand that you’re probably wondering what your child is up to when they’re not with you. That’s why we allow parents to check in by viewing our online streaming service.

Here’s What Our Team Have To Say

We LOVE our parents and carers and we're so proud to share some of their thoughts with you...

Staff Recruitment

We require on-going training for our staff through state classes, orientation videos, in-house training, and other certified professionals in the education field. All of our teachers have experience in early childhood education with specialized training and academic preparedness for their role in the classroom.

Our Programs

Preparing our children for a school readiness environment.

Infants Program

Your baby is ready to socialize, learn, and practice a little independence! At Caritas Academy.


The major focus of each classroom is based upon sequential learning guided by our comprehensive core curriculum.

School Age Care

Students from local public elementary schools may participate in our School Age Program after their school day. Our hours are from 7:00am until 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Summer Camp

The best part of summer is…camp! Caritas Academy offers our campers a program that is as diverse as it is stimulating! Our goal is to provide a creative, fun, and enriching camp experience.

Book A Tour at Caritas Academy

The best way to discover what makes Caritas Academy special is to see it firsthand. We provide engaging and interactive tours daily. We look forward to meeting you soon and getting to know you and your child more!

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